Freehold Projects was founded by eleven artists living and working in Leeds. Born out of a lack of exhibiting and collective working spaces in Leeds, Freehold Projects seeks to champion the idea of group art making and exhibiting.

During its first year Freehold Projects resided at 10-12 New Market Street in the centre of Leeds City, in a former charity shop, thanks to AxisWeb. At the central and very public location, the group sought to invite and accept many proposals from artists of all ages.

In the first year the collective hosted artist workshops, exhibitions, music performances, reading groups and crits. The collective were evicted in early 2020 and since then have continued to operate online, hosting crits and sharing resources.

Showing Up, 2020

Freehold Projects present our first group show. Formed in April 2019, Freehold operates out of an ex-charity shop in Leeds City Centre. Supported by Axisweb, we have facilitated a range of exhibitions, workshops, crits, talks and screenings in this space.

Taking up the offer of an exhibition at serf, another artist-led space, provides an opportunity to consider how and why we work together as an organising group. By channeling our energy into a new activity, namely a football match, we explore the potentials of a ‘group show’ as well as how we create our sense of identity as Freehold Projects.

This process may also be used to consider self-organisation more widely. As both an exercise in collaboration and procrastination, Showing Up, weighs up the benefits of playing team sports against those of running a public space. Whilst one may feel productive and provides a sense of gratification, the other can be seen as a happy distraction that requires merely showing up. Although we remain unsure which is which, Showing Up provides this space on which to reflect.

Freehold Projects
(Henry, Jack, Jenny, Josh, Lewis, Meg, Ollie, Sam, Sophie, Sunny, Toby, Wes)

Photos: Sam Hutchinson 

Postcurse - 26.10.2019-08.11.2019

Project featuring Sophie Carapetian, Cole Denyer, Mollie DuCharme, Margaux Foucret, Joshua Hart, Oliver Hull, Jill McKnight, Molejoy, Celeste Njoo & Rosie Vohra

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 18.16.32.png

Jill McKnight

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 18.15.48.png

"...Even If It's Someone Else's": serf 13.09.2019-29.09.2019 

'...Even If It's Someone Else's' is the follow up to 'The Desire To Be Part Of A Story...' and is the penultimate event of the serf summer programme as part of Index festival.

Karanjit Panesar

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Below The Floorboards – A Subterranean Communication Effort: Johanna De Verdier  

24.05.2019 - 31.05.2019

Johanna De Verdier